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Ukraine Relief Mission Trip Update
from Pastor Bill and Dan Yen
Day 12 - Monday March 21, 2022

The key part of the day was driving to Rzeszow to pickup Ira Yakovenko. She is a refugee and member of Irpin Bible Church in Ukraine. She has one son and daughter-in-law still in Ukraine with  another son, daughter-in-law, and a daughter in Charlotte. 

She shared her frightening story of the invasion and her evacuation from Irpin. At first she refused to leave Irpin. But, after the bombings, seeing tanks and planes, and a personal encounter with Russian soldiers demanding to look at her phone, she was terrified. She fled for the church.  It took 3 attempts before she was able to evacuate safely to western Ukraine. A partner organization was able to extract her from the Slovakian border with Ukraine. We were able to pick her up today. She will fly home with me on Wednesday. 

The day also had its challenges as our team faced many logistics issues. Trying to work through these matters while keeping our focus on what the Lord wants us to do next is tough. I keep reminding myself that we are all working towards the same big picture but we have a lot of brushes working in different areas of the canvas. God sees the final picture. Micah 6:8 for today’s key thought. 

Thanks for your continued prayers. 



Denys and I picking up Ira (Ukrainian refugee)


We just finished packing another huge tractor trailer of supplies heading into Ukraine.

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