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Church Reopening Team Update



Dear Grace One family,

As the pandemic eases and the number of vaccinated people greatly increase, we are carefully considering returning all church activities back to the pre-pandemic arrangements. God has given us a wonderful building, and we should diligently use it for the spiritual growth of our brothers and sisters. Moreover, we want to continue to strengthen the unity of our church through more face-to-face gatherings and fellowship, so that we may be ready for all the evangelical activities we have planned in and after this Fall.

Therefore, The Elders Team have made the following decisions based on the recommendations of the Reopening Task Force:


  1. Starting from this Sunday (6/20), Chinese Adult Sunday School will begin the summer session. At that time, all classes will be held on-site only. No zoom meeting will be offered. Starting this Sunday, two sections of the Chinese worship service will be without social distancing and seat assignment. Only one section will be reserved for social distancing and seating assignments. The English worship service will continue to assign seats because most of the youth are not fully vaccinated.

  2. Starting from Friday 6/25, all Friday activities will resume in the church building, including worship, adult Bible study, youth fellowship, and children’s program (Phase 3B). Worship will start at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary, and each group will go to the assigned classroom for Bible study at 8 pm. All parents are required to pick up their children from Children Ministry (CM) area at 9 pm. We ask all groups to cooperate with this decision. Our goal is for all groups to have in-person Bible study after Labor Day. Zoom may still be used during the summer for those having special needs.

  3. To protect our children, the CM area will continue to follow the reopening guidelines. All volunteers and visitors need to wear masks to enter.

  4. Starting from 6/27, we invite the Evergreen Fellowship to come back to church to join the Sunday worship (Phase 4A). Starting July, we ask all weekday Bible study groups to also come back to the church.

  5. Our current plan is to resume Sunday lunch on 9/12, the Sunday after Labor Day weekend.

We will continue to monitor the development of the pandemic in order to make necessary adjustment to the aforementioned plan. For now, we expect to gradually have all church activities return to the pre-pandemic arrangements through the summer.

May the Lord bless all of our families
Grace One Church Elders Team

Church Reopening Team Update


Grace One Family,


In light of the new guidelines from CDC and NC governor, the Reopening Taskforce has deliberated carefully and come up with the following changes to our current G1C Reopening guidelines:

1.    We will stop measuring temperature as you walk into our building.

2.    We will gradually reduce social distancing requirements. For Sunday services, we will open one section tomorrow for seating without social distancing. For the following Sunday, we will open another section. We will continue to assign seats for all sections.

3.    We will continue to require mask in the building throughout the month of May. Starting June, those who have been fully vaccinated will have the option of not wearing mask in the building.

4.    The Children Ministry will continue to require mask to protect our precious children.

5.    Masks are encouraged but not required for outdoor gatherings.

Church unity is utmost important in our consideration of the guidelines, and we appreciate all members to follow the new guidelines to protect our church and members. We are looking forward to the day when we may gather without any concerns of the virus. 

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

G1C Reopening Taskforce

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