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Welcome to 
The Children's Ministry
Welcome to 
The Children's Ministry
Children Sunday School

Nursery (Ages 0 – 2)

The Grace One Nursery provides loving care for babies and toddlers during both Chinese and English worship services.  We see the Nursery as a child's first step toward a relationship with Christ.  Playtime activities introduce children to biblical truths.   Parents take turn in taking care of the little ones.

PreKindergarten (PK - Ages 3 and 4)

PK uses the Heart of Dakota, Little Hands To Heaven - A Christ Centered Preschool program for ages 3-5. It is a fun and creative preschool program with lots of singing, crafts, and along with Biblical education as well. Children will memorize Ephesians 6, verses 1 through 24 with hand motions each week. And they will be able to memorize the entire Chapter 6 in a school calendar year.

Kindergartener and Elementary Grade 1

Kindergarteners and first graders use the Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum, which is based on the award-winning storybook Jesus Storybook Bible. The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum (by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sam Shammas) contains 44 lessons based on key stories from Genesis to Revelation. In one year, Kindergarteners and first graders will learn the breadth of the Bible’s story line from Genesis to Revelation and how Jesus is the center of each Bible story. With activities, memory verses, colorful handouts, and more, children will discover for themselves through The Jesus Storybook Bible Curriculum that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation and at the center of their story too.

Elementary Grades 2 - 5

Children in second to fifth grade are learning to meet with God directly through His Word using the Calvary Curriculum. In Calvary Curriculum (by Pastor Larry Enterline), the teacher guides the children to understand the Bible passage by asking questions and encouraging children to pray/talk to God using what they read. Calvary Curriculum teaches children not just information about God or about the Bible but to respond personally and correctly to God (Psalm 27:8) through a Bible study so that a close relationship with Jesus is established. When children respond to God, they move from hearers of the Word to, most importantly, doers of the Word (James 1:22).

Calvary Curriculum goes through the entire Bible: they are 176 New Testament (NT) lessons and 203 Old Testament (OT) lessons. This is a seven-year curriculum so that as children go through 2nd to 5th grade, they will study both OT and NT passages with no repeats. In the fall and winter, the lessons will be from NT. During spring and summer, lessons will be from OT.

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